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PHP: lcfirst

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I need to make the first character of the string lowercase. I know ucfirst exists and I supposed that there is a [lcfirst]( one as well.

When I started to type lcfirst, Zend Studio didn’t suggest me a function with this name and it was interesting. PHP documentation says that it is available but it throws an exception. What the hack goes wrong?

Here is the answer: It was too late and too hard to keep my eyes open :)

lcfirst function is available in newly released version of PHP, 5.3. I am still using 5.2.9. Here is a code snippet:

if (!function_exists('lcfirst')) {
    function lcfirst($string) {
        return substr_replace($string, strtolower(substr($string, 0, 1)), 0, 1);

It is unbelivable that I don’t ever need the function lcfirst before. :)