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Ext.Direct for ASP.NET MVC

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Sorry, I forgot that I have a blog. :)

Classic ASP was the last scripting language that I used from the universe of Microsoft. PHP is enough to make me happy and my clients. (Hey!, which client cares about the language of your choice? :D

Anyway, I won’t make a comparison of languages. I am not that stupid. I just want to tell you something about how I am impressed with Ext.Direct and the server-side stack for ASP.NET MVC.

DWR is popular enough in Java world. They know a lot the concept of remoting server-side methods to the client-side. Ext.Direct has implementations for several other languages and frameworks. Sadly, CakePHP is not in the list of supported frameworks but ASP.NET MVC has one of the powerful one.

You define couple of config values in web.config and that’s all! Just extend your controller from DirectController and use DirectResult typed methods to return your result to the browser. You can use several attributes for classes and methods to hide them in Ext.Direct remoting api object returned to the browser.

By the way, I was curious about ASP.NET. I learned MVC pattern from CakePHP. C# and PHP have similar syntax. Those smooth out my learning curve in ASP.NET MVC. We can discuss pros and cons of ASP.NET etc. but one thing is clear, Visual Studio. I am using Zend Studio and have tried several others but I have never met that quality of IDE before.

Finally, you are right. It is hard to follow. I was talking about ASP, PHP, then Ext.Direct and ASP.NET MVC came to the picture. Let’s say that this post is a sign of life. :D

I have a lot to share with you, jQuery, Mootools, Zend Framework, Posh, gadget development, new released ExtJS 3.0, Moodle, PHP 5.3 release, and much more…