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Bitbucket Repo Sync Application

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I always shift+delete or rm -rf my old project files and keep my workspace very clean. Let’s say it’s a bad habit after working with SVN for several years and relying on server backups. Oh yes, I am not keeping backups of my projects and so comfortable with it!

Bitbucket is cool with unlimited private repos but the downtime they had yesterday proved that you shouldn’t rely on it if you don’t have copies of your repositories on your own disk. I wrote a small console application using symfony console component to sync all repositories of a user by utilizing bitbucket API.

Basically, you give your bitbucket credentials and it clones all your git repositories.

Installation and Usage

git clone [email protected]:eabay/bitbucket-repo-sync.git
cd bitbucket-repo-sync
php composer.phar install
php src/console.php bitbucket:sync username password

You can choose the path of repositories:

php src/console.php bitbucket:sync username password -d /some/where

To get help about the command:

php src/console.php help bitbucket:sync

The ironic part is that project is hosted at bitbucket. I think I should define another remote like github. :)

Notice that repositories are cloned over https schema including your username and password. I mean repositories will have origins with uris like https://username:[email protected]/. If this is a security problem for you, don’t use the application!