Make CakePHP Email Component Reusable

I know the title of this post a little bit confusing but let me explain what I want to tell.

You are using CakePHP‘s email component and you should set the same information in each time before you send your email like server address, username, password etc.

Just create a new file mailer.php with the following content and drop it into your CakePHP application components folder (I like convention over configuration! ;) ).

App::import('Component', 'Email');
class MailerComponent extends EmailComponent
  var $from = 'ME <me@localhost>';
  var $replyTo = 'noreply@localhost';
  var $sendAs = 'both';
  var $delivery = 'smtp';
  var $xMailer = 'Postman';
  var $smtpOptions = array(
    'port'=> 25,
    'host' => 'serveradress',
    'timeout' => 30,
    'username' => 'username',
    'password' => 'password'

And right now you have a new component with the name “Mailer” and its server configuration is predefined. You can reuse it without being affected by any kind of mail server change.

You can define a new function inside your controller (_sendEmail() in our case) and make the email sending process more painless.

class AnyController extends AppController
  function contact()
    if ($this->_sendEmail('Name', 'blabla@fakeemail', 'Grate site!')) {
      $this->Session->setFlash(__("Thank you", true));
    } else {
      $this->Session->setFlash('Damn it!');
  function _sendEmail($name, $email, $message)
    $this->Mailer->to = 'info@localhost';
    $this->Mailer->subject = __("Site Contact", true);
    $this->Mailer->template = 'contact';
    $this->set('name', $name);
    $this->set('email', $email);
    $this->set('message', $message);
    $this->log( $this->Mailer->subject . ' -> Name:'. $name .' | E-posta: '. $email .' | Message: '. $message .' | smtp error: '. serialize($this->Mailer->smtpError) );
    return $this->Mailer->smtpError ? false : true;

That’s all! Check Bakery for other cakes :)

  • Nil

    does this work with cakephp 1.2?

  • Mike

    Wonderful component! How does it work with multiple email addresses?

  • Frank

    Nice idea, cheers!

  • beeman

    Well done, this works great! :)

  • Erhan Abay

    You are right!

    I forgot to add it because it is in my app_controller.php ;)

    Thank you for your suggestion.

  • Maine

    Nice tip! Just add one more line to the controller to make it perfect:
    var $components = array(‘Mailer’);

    I would also read SMTP settings (in component initialize method) from a config file:
    $this->smtpOptions = Configure::read(‘Email.SMTPConfig’);